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Tainting with numners using
Rainhird's Advanced Art Studio
Buiicia Buggy tilt ricallUW,
WIN: Scalextric from Virgin
and Rombo's Video Digitize/
Plus: Motor Racing games, Stargliders for
the CPC, PC & PCW, Empire from Firebirri
1 100
1 .
Official Amstrad Home Computing Magazine
Norwav NOK 20.00
Sdam 3 0 0 Pt a s
Turkey 1 6 5 0 T L
Denmark Kr. 3 1 .0 0
Mew Z e a la n d N Z S4 .9 5 Rec.
Your Amstrad has
256k or128k to play with.
The Amstrad 8256 and
Multiple line function capability
6128 are extraordinary machines It S
eems a pit with multiple parameters provides
ust to play.
Ten times faster with
(BASIC E49.95.
CBASIC Compiler is a native code
compilerthatallows sepa rate modules
to be written,tersted and combined to
create a complete programAnd it
combines machine code speed with
BASIC ease to produce programs that
execute eight to ten times fasterthan
the same interpreted programs.
A fully integrated set of device
independent graphics statements
and functions permits direct output
to any graphics peripheral without
Extended precision
14-digit decimal
arithmetic ensures that
fractional parts of pound
amounts are exact and
ledgers balance to
the penny.
CBASIC Compiler
also supports integer
arithmetic so you can
use integervariables to
increase execution speed.
features found in block-structured
languages. Local variables can be
declared in an MLE MLEfunctions may
be declared as external, belonging to
an entirely different program module.
wrth random access memory that
lifts them far above the home
computer norm.
Now Digital Research, creators of 111
the CP/M operating systems bundled
with these business calibre Amstrads,
offer serious users professional
program development power and
applications portabilityvia two high
level Digital Research languages:
Both languages corneas complete
packages of standard Amstrad 3"
disks with full documentation.
The most complete
PASCAL E49.95.
PASCAL/MT+ is full ISO standard
PASCAL, extended to provide a
comprehensive professional
programming environment for
industrial, business and educational
It's faster, more versatile, more
portable and easierto use in
sophisticated applications demanding
segmented development
The package includes a compiler
to generate relocatable object files; a
linker to generate executable files from
compiler outputs; a run-time support
library covering transcendental
functions, machine interrupts and other
tasks; a disassembler and a symbolic
As well as standard ISO numerics,
PASCAL/MT+ supports BCD and
floating point real numbers for
arithmetic precision. Special features
reduce program size and enhance I/O
capabilities. PASCAL/MT+ is the fully
implemented PASCAL you can start
with, stay with and never outgrow.
Development Potential.
Compiler run ontheAmstrad CPC 6128,
PCW 8256,CPC 664 and CPC 464 with
DD -1 disk drivetise of graphics with
CBASIC Compiler is only available on
CPC 6128 and PCW 8256.
The Amstrad Professionals from
Digital Research will allowyou to
explore and exploit yourAmstrad
computer's program development
potential to the full.
Now with FREE
support for 30 days.
Amstrad Professionals from Digital Research.
Now Professionalism begins at home.
To place an order, send cheque to. Amstrad Sales, Digital Reasearch (UK)
limited, Oxford House, Oxford Street, Newbury, Berkshire RG13 1.113.
Of telephone Newbury (0635)38787 or 38783, with your credit card
details Or contact your local Amstrad dealer
*FREE telephone support for 30 days following receipt of registration
card Thereafter a full year's on-line telephone support is available for
lust f 15.00 + VAT. Full details ils will come with your software
*Prices include
Packaging, Postage and VAL
The creators of CRM
5 News
11 Letter
23 Hairy Hackers Haunt
36 Seek and Ye
Shall Find
20 Gallup Chart
98 LSB
18 Advanced Art Studio
With more facilities and a
higher price. Does the former
justify the latter? Jill Lawson
found out.
32 Planit
Sort Out your finances,
software style. But getting
organised needs more than
just some clever software.
77 Empire
Firebird is hiding its light
under a bushel and has kept
quiet about the new space
strategy game. It may be
difficult, but it is also very
, vliszt.62;
1 1
64 Elite, the software
house which cares
Some software houses will
release any old program, but
Elite is too fussy for that, as
Jerry Muir found out.
Build your own number 5 , a
robot which runs under the
control of your CPC. So get out
your soldering iron, dust off
those wire strippers and get
81 Games Reviews
Cohn, Nigel and Liz try out
Muncher, Sigma 7, Cobra, Into
The Eagles Nest, and
Shockway Rider.
43 Rombo Compo
Let your video and computer
become friends with a Vidi
interface. A simple, free-to-
enter competition for all
Arnold owners.
57 Plumberdroid
The pipeline is leaking, you
must dodge the alien and
repair the pipe before it's too
late. Go for it!
68 Assembly Point
Pete Green presents a routine
which features one of the
classic principles of assembler
31 Scalextric Compo
You are never too old to play
Scalextric. Win a full set from
Virgin or a runners-up prize of
the computer version.
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correspondence t g i Avra t it e L t d 7 9 8 7 .
The official magazine for all
' users of Amstrad computers
Cov er photo: Martyn Howlett
Editor: Simon Rockman
Advertisement Manager: Jane Nolan
Advertisement Assistant: Lorraine Day
Amstrad User May 1987
Page 3
MASTERFILE III is now fi rmly established as
THE fi ling system for the CPC6128. It has received
rapturous reviews and we could paper the walls of
our new offi ces with our customers' letters of
This is no toy thrown together in BASIC and half-
tested, but real machine-coded computing power
professionally constructed. We have had IBM and
Apricot users beg us for a MASTERFILE for their
machines — when they had seen the earlier CPC
MASTERFILE. All this power is yours for
For the benefit of newcomers to the CPC machines:
MASTERFILE III is a powerful and flexible data
filing and retrieval system. All "database" systems
require that your data is organised into fields and
records. Unlike most, MASTERFILE does not
commit you to field lengths or formats, since ALL
data is variable-length and optional. Files are not
pre-formatted, and only used bytes are saved to
disc. Also, unlike the rest, MASTEBFILE allows
multiple user-defined ways of viewing/printing
your data. And unique in its price range, MASTER-
FILE offers RELATIONAL FILE options, where-
by common data can be entered just once and
shared by many records. Maximum fi eld size is
240, maximum fi elds per record is over 50, and
maximum fi le size is 64K. Room for 1,000 full
names and addresses, for example. Only one disc
drive is required. It is menu-driven throughout, and
comes with detailed illustrated manual, and exam-
ple files.
For those who already have an earlier MASTER-
FILE, we offer updates; please telephone for
details. You will be amazed at the performance
improvements and extra functions.
lir** PCW users: be patient, MASTERFILE 8000
will be ready early in 1987 ***
We also have one of the fastest and friendliest
spread-sheet programs around, MASTERCALC
128. Its unique features include: individual tailor-
ing of column widths and precision; relocatable
formulae; split-screen option; automatic cursor
advance; text output to printer, or to disc for
interface with PROTEXT or TASWORD; hi
graphic histogram of any three rows. MASTER-
CALC 128 runs on CPC6128, or CPC464/664 with
DIctronics RAM. The price is just 233.00.
Just about ANY kind of information can be
handled by MASTERFILE. You can EXPORT the
data to other systems (e.g. PROTEXT/MERGE and
TASWORD). You can even merge your own USER
BASIC to MASTERFILE for customised fi le
processing, or build new files from other computer
sources. The speed of SEARCH of MASTERFILE
is second to none. Records can be sorted ascending/
descending, character or signed numeric, even
embedded keys such as surnames. Other functions
are fi eld-to-fi eld calculations, and several-across
label printing. We simply don't have room to list all
the features; give us a call if you are still in doubt
of the power of MASTERFILE
AS TUC OLC 8 met heti ot,m'
- iNrig
7i13 3390 1112.3 11511 ta174 12990 14414 15178
4900 1530 1/40 45011 745S IL( S ) 8845 6603
4 803 26
10174 10090
173.09 10397
1 0 Computer ,
PPT Off i ,
S 7 5of Ware
Oiulther tie
You can save £10 by taking MASTERFILE III and
MASTERCALC 128 for a combined price of just
Prices include VAT and MP to anywhere in
Europe. Elsewhere please add 20% for air-mail
service. ACCESS/VISA/MASTERCARD welcome,
written or telephoned, quoting card expiry date.
Make cheques payable to "Campbell Systems".
Our normal response is return of post, 1st class.
7 Station Road, EPPING, Essex CM16 4HA,
England. Tel: (0378) 77762/3.
Suna a ry o f Bo sio e ss Asse ts
Mterovmputer. 6 4 K KAN 3 2 * 1 0 1 .1 , 6 1 6 stro d
Microconpoter. 1 2 8 1 ( R AM • d t, c p a sitto e
Disc interface avid Is drive, 3':instrad
Dot-natrog p riAte e % cp s Wo o l •M te stra d
Eurcotive b rie fca se ,
Wa re p a p e r clip British
Onsmering machine British
V al
E2 S9 .8 8
DPI 1 ( 143. / 5
Ill 51108 ( 153.95
812816 ( 135.00
Kreutsve je AirtrA
TyPneriter, eleetrit
letAtIUM machime
Coffee maker
Pa rce l sce le
Microcomputer, 4BM
Letter I ca le
. Total,
01 koc 119
LeterrA 3 E E1 3 0 .00
510 I E1 9 1 1 .0 0
65349 E3 0 .0 6 3
iSU P (1 1 5 .0 1 2 1
Arn o , p e c E.1 2 9 .BS
i3 7 5 1 (I . C le .n ia
Sa lte r
Si I tcerm
L 5 , 2 9 2 , 2 9 4 , 2 6
For me
to i
New comms package
for CPC 6128
The second
and third
4th Protocols
A new terminal package is to be
launched by Montlair for the CPC 6128
range of computers. The disc based
software will work with all interfaces
built to the specification outlined in the
Amstrad fi rmware manual. These
include the Pace, Honeysoft and both
the new and old Amstrad serial
The package is referred to by the
authors as being a full workstation.
Written with Hi-Softs' Devpac, the pro-
gram has been two years in the making
and runs under CP/M+.
The full spec viewdata terminal
supports telesoftvvare, double height,
flashing, a full eight colours, conceal
and reveal and we expect dynamic
frames. It is possible to write mailboxes
off line and send them at high speed
when you log in. This saves time and
cuts down on telephone bills.
Two screen dumps are available, a
rapid text dump and a shaded Epson
screen dump. The software will be
available shortly and cost E39. For
more details contact Monfl air on 01-
Someone, somewhere in Britain is
building an atomic bomb. He is a top
KGB agent, the smartest they've got.
With only a deep belief that this is
what's going on, and the slightest of
clues, you must fi nd and stop him.
An excellent new fi lm telling the
story is doing the rounds, Go and see it,
if only to watch a transit van being
driven like a rally car. The hero is John
Preston, played by Michael Caine, who
solves the crime with the help of a BBC
Sounds ideal for a computer game
really. And indeed it is. The fourth
Protocol — the game is an adventure
using icons and ciphers rather than
text. Ariolasoft produced the fi rst
Amstrad version of this adventure
quite a while back. It runs on the CPC
and is worth looking out for.
To coincide with the fi lm release
Ariolasoft has launched PCW and PC
versions of the game. Ideal for some
cerebral exercise.
Michael Caine, star of The Fourth
Protocol, outside the Cabinet office.
clock on
CRL reveal a
warped mind
'CRI, licenses Oink!'. This is not a par-
ticularly horrifi c press release. It tells
of a game in which you play the part of
Uncle Pigg, the world-famous editor of
the magazine and have to be promoted
from tea boy to editor, (Same thing in
this place — Ed. What is horrific is that
they keep sending copies of the maga-
zine. It's sick, vile and absorbing.
Two years ago Amstrad user ran its
first hardware project. The second one
is in this month! Now DK has launched
a peripheral for the CPC which does the
same job as that ancient project, only
with a bit more finesse.
It is a battery backed-up clock, just
like the one Amstrad include with the
PC 1512, It stores information when
you switch the computer off. This
includes a clock which can be switched
from 12 to 24 hour notation, End of
month and leap years are catered for in
the calendar function and you can have
a daily alarm.
It also includes 50 bytes of battery
backed-up ram for important data and
will work with CP/M and CP/M
There is an 8 bit 110 port for control
applications. The battery is re-charged
from the Amstrad, so providing you use
your Amstrad occasionally the data
should be safe. More details from
DK'Tronics on 0493 602926
In the never ending quest for a new
approach to software, CRL has
announced a number of new programs.
The most mundane of these is Sun
Star. According to the press release
'You are destined for the Xxarian Star
Corporation solar energy grid to collect
energy' 'what else — Ed).
It goes on 'However, due to a build up
of unstable energy pulses, that task is
far from easy'. Basically it's a jolly good
shoot-em-up which will cost E7.95 on
tape and E14.95 on disc.
The releases continue as the gore
sets in. 'Gothic Horror from CRL'. This
is a three part Frankenstein adventure
with reportedly terrifying sound effects
and a price tag reading ,E9.95 on the
tape or E14.95 on disc.
Then the bumf plumbs the depths.
No one fooled
Amstrad User's scoop news feature on
Amstrad's sky rocket in the April issue
of ACLT does not seem to have fooled
anyone It was of' course an April Fool.
But how may of the clues did you spot?
and even April FOOL worked into the
script. Little touches like the date at
the bottom and large hints like the
satellite footprint should have helped
you twig.
Amstrad User May 1987
Page 5
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