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Journey back in time to Castle Avars
and help Isvar, and The Edge, save
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COMBAT LYNX (Air-to-ground Battle Simulation)
Spectrum 48k f 8 95
Commodoin64 L'8 9b
AniMi.n14M. 6l28 f 8 9b
18 9b
"Combat Lynx is both simulation and shoot-em-up games m one The 30
•Meet created by using contour line graphics tends to gtvo it a more
technical feel, so more like a simulation, but on the other hand there are
lots of (ets and enemy helicopters wh«/mg around and ground forces
shooting at you which gives the game its instant playatrtity appeal Once
you gel the hang of coping with everything, it's possible to play a game of
high strategy which involves not onty arcade skills but those of forward
planning For people who enioy strategy type games. Combat lynx should
provide hours of fun. while for those who prefer something instant and
fast • choose skid level 4 and hang onto your hats' Generally the graphics
are most impressive, with a few attribute problems when objects are
about to become nidden. but these are minor m what is otherwise an
engaging and challenging game *
TURBO ESPRIT (30 Simulation Car Chase)
Spectrum 48k f8 96
Commodore 64 C8 95
Amstrad 464/6128 £8 95
You are a special agent equipped with a Lotus Turbo Esprit An intern
ational ring of drug smugglers are about to make a huge delivery of
heroin, and must be stopped at alt costs The drugs are stored at a
number of houses in the city, and will be taken by cars to an armoured
van which will be cruising around the centre A raid on the van before
completion of the delivery would leave some of the drugs in circulation
Similarly a raid on any of the houses would alert them to your squad's
activities You must therefore try and pick-off the cars one by one
before they make their drop, and then try to stop the van before it
The delivery cars will be backed up by hit'squads - so watch
(Developed with the support of Lotus Cars Ltd)
-•-1 *i
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k M [T MCW vQM MM*
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Spectrum 48k f 8 95
Commodore 64 £8 95
Amsuad 464 6128 £8 95
An outlying system of the Terra Federation has set up an advanced
ami-matter conversion plant on a centrally positioned asteroid to
supply the local colonists with energy A surprise attack toy alien forces
has successfully overcome the asteroid s defences and the aliens are
now threatening to self -destruct the power plant unless the colonists
offer an unconditional surrender The self-destruction process would
effectively turn the power plant into a massive black hole that would
wipe out the entire planetary system along with a number of nearby
stars Unconditional surrender offers an equally homfic prospect Your
mission is to infiltrate the enemy position and disable the anti-matter
plant before the aliens achieve CRITICAL MASS
This is the bi/' The graphics and playability of this game are superb
making it well worth the money "
SABOTEUR (Martial Arts Arcade Adventure)
Spectrum 48k £8 95
Amstrad 464 6128 C8 95
Commodore 64
£8 95
You are a highly skilled mercenary trained irt the martial arts You are
employed to infiltrate a central security building which is disguised as a
warehouse. You must steal a disk that contains the names of all the
rebel leaders before its information is sent to the outlying security
stations You are working against the clock, both in getting to the disk
and in making your escape You must enter the building from the sea by
rubber dinghy, and will then only be able to leave by the helicopter on
the roof You will have to find your way around the warehouse making
use of the guards' own weapon supplies in your struggle through
overwhelming odds
m. * >1.—
"Saboteur is without a doubt one of the best arcade games I ve seen for
a long time and a welcome departure from the plethora of
licenced/endorsed product that the industry seems tocurrently favour
Recommended *
DURELL sales dept..
Castle Lodge Castle Green, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4AB, England
Telephone (0823) 54489 & 54029
software getting harder
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in i»'«;''
Take to the skies as you play the part of our intrepid hero "BOMBJACK", the man
without fear, as he indulges his incurable hobby of Bomb collecting.
"BOMBJACK" is the only game that will take you around the world from Greece to
Egypt, sunsoaked beaches to the skies of New York City, but don't expect a holiday
in this game. Danger threatens from every side in the form of deadly robots, rogue
satellites and even killer-sparrows!
Your only chance is to eat the power pill which drains your enemies of power and
leaves them easy prey to "BOMBJACK". But look out the pills effects won't last
forever, unlike "BOMBJACK'S" strange urge for collecting Bombs.
Addictive, High Flying, Bomb-Bustin' Fun and the Quality you've come to expect
887605994.038.png 887605994.039.png 887605994.040.png 887605994.041.png 887605994.042.png 887605994.043.png 887605994.044.png
V^ e °'Posta/
c l cnJ??y of
The officially licenced home version of the smash hit No.1 coin-op classic.
You play the part of "Super Joe" crack combat soldier fighting a lone battle
against overwhelming odds. All the action and tension of the U. K. Christmas
No.1 available for your Amstrad NOW!
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