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How to conquer evil
monsters in the caves of
such accolades as Game of the Month in
Computer and Video Games, and was
awarded a Crash Smash,
• What reviewer Bob Chappell
said about the Atari version:
'Starquake is top-notch fare
quality dripping from every byte'
Don't miss
out on this
offer — fill in
the coupon
on Page 53
without delay
In this delightful game you control BLOB,
the Biologically-Operated Being, navigating
him through 500 action-packed screens to
rebuild the unstable planet's core.
Bubble Bus' Starquake is one of the
biggest-selling games for home micros, due
to its incredibly-addictive gameplay and
cleverly-animated graphics. It has received
Offer with
reader offer
N. B. Current subscribers
can re-subscribe early to
take advantage of this
very special opportunity.
For mat
Suitable for
E8 95
Atari 8-bit
Di sc
(48k minimum)
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News 5
All the latest from the ever-changing world of the 8 bit Atari.
Text Converter 9
A handy utility to change HFM data disc information to Ascii.
HEM fi le
to Ascii ) .., discs
Autorun 1 1
Now add that professional touch to your disc-based routines.
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Vol. 4 No. 2 June 1988
Foreign Languages 1 5
We look at four tutorials specifically designed for your Atari.
Derek Meakin
Alan McLachlan
Rouloc 1 7
Help through The Dungeon from your favourite Atari adventurer.
Ken Hughes
Peter Glover
Five Liners 2 0
More prize-winning mini programs sent in by our clever readers.
Neil Fawcett
Mike Cowley
Pam Turnbull
From small beginnings
We map how Atari has grown from strength to strength.
Games Reviews 2 5
Under the microscope: Rockford, Grand Prix Simulator and more.
Andre Willey
John Snowdon
Monsters 2 8
How to kill the evil beasts in the haunting caves of The Eidolon.
Hints and Tips 3 3
Get more fun out of Alternate Reality II and Fort Apocalypse.
Andrea Fawkes
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Clay Pigeon 3 5
Is your aim up to scratch? Test it with our arcade shoot out.
Hardware Review 3 9
The PrR: Connector: An economical replacement for the 850 box?
Software Solutions 4 1
More programming problems solved by our technical wizard.
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Gadgets 4 4
Enter the world of family entertainment with our DIY Quiz box.
Mailbag 4 9
Your chance to get your news, views, moans and name in print.
All major listings in this issue
are accompanied by checksums
to help overcome typing
mistakes. For full details of how
they work, see the article on
page 23 of the November 1987
issue of Atari User.
new commands
to Atari Basic with this latest
package from Atari User.
June 1988 Atari User 3
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Learn how
to break
the bank
Guide to
top Atari
THE odds on breaking the
bank at Monte Carlo are
looking up — games spe-
cialist CDS Software is on
the verge of releasing
Casino Roulette for the
The game caters for up to
eight players, with the corn-
puter handling the chores of
wheel spinning and table
raking — all players have to
do is place their bets.
CDS (0302 21134) has also
added features to help
would-be system beaters.
A statistical analysis is
maintained of the fall of the
ball on each of the 37 wheel
numbers over the last 370
spins, and the instructions
include half a dozen estab-
lished betting systems for
players to experiment with.
Price E9.99 cassette,
E14.99 disc.
Bond's back
THE classic 1973 James
Bond fi lm Live and Let Die
has re-emerged on the Atari
A spokesman for Domark
(01-947 5622) — whose ear-
lier movie tie-ins include A
View to a Kill and The Living
Daylights — promises that
the game is a winner.
Price E9.95 on cassette,
E12,95 on disc.
THE item every Atari 8 bit
owner has been waiting for
has arrived on the scene. A
defi nitive guide to all the
best software and hardware
available has been pub-
lished — and it's free.
Atari specialist retailer
Silica Shop is behind the
60-page catalogue which
took six months to compile
and covers every possible
category — cassette, car-
tridge and disc, home, busi-
ness and education.
Silica Shop spokesman
Tony Deane said: "The pub-
lication grew out of wide-
spread consumer opinion
that the Atari 8 bit market
was not being supported.
"The typical end user has
been feeling unloved for a
long time — this is our
attempt to put matters right".
Issued free with this
month's Atari User, the
guide contains 32 pages of
XL and XE products plus a
special 8-page section on XE
rom cartridges.
Also included is a com-
prehensive 4-page list of
peripherals and accessories
such as modems, monitors,
printers, joysticks and con-
trollers as well as books and
manuals. The accompany-
ing 16-page price list con-
tains 1,200 items.
Show attracts
record crowds
A RECORD turnout for the
latest Atari User Show saw
more than 17,000 visitor
converge on Alexandra
Palace over the three days.
This was by far the best
attendance since the series
started and was double that
of the previous event held at
the Novotel.
Such was the demand
from Atari users that organ-
isers Database decided to
extend -
awaiting them. Schooltea-
cher George Roberts saved
the equivalent of his return
fare to Glasgow within half
an hour of entering the
Great Hall.
"I must now be the best
kitted out Atari 8 bit user in
the country", he said. "My
wife thought I was mad
when I told her I was trav-
elling all that way to a com-
puter show. It will give me
great pleasure to make her
eat her words "•
Even organisers Database
Exhibitions admitted to
being surprised by the over-
whelming response.
"It could only be descri-
bed as fantastic", said
Michael Meakin of Data-
base. "This has now fi rmly
established the show as one
of the premier exhibitions in
the machine specifi c
hour to avoid disappointing
latecomers still queueing
All 70 exhibitors reported
business as being at an all
time high, with many having
to send back daily for
additional stock.
Yet the real bonanza was
for the visitors who were
soon appeased for the
delays experienced in
getting in by the bargains
Jackpot for Atari adventurers
release of the acclaimed
Time & Magik trilogy for the
Atari 8 bit market.
The text-only adventure
encompasses three award-
winning titles from Level 9 —
Lords of Time, Red Moon
and Price of Magik. Price
Also coming soon under
the Mandarin label from
cial launch of Mandarin
Software held recently in
"Lancelot is a new con-
cept in adventures", said
Chris Payne of Mandarin.
He added: "And with
Level 9 arguably the world's
leading adventure games
company, Atari users have a
treat in store".
ADVENTURE games fans
are going to hit the jackpot
as a result of a new joint
Mandarin Software, the
exclusive new entertain-
ments software house, has
joined forces with the
renowned Level 9 program-
ming team.
And the end product is the
Level 9 will be a game set in
the Middle Ages, codenamed
And in addition to
enjoying the adventure for
its own sake, players will be
able to take part in a real
time hunt for a silver "grail"
worth 12,000 to the finder.
The news of both titles
was announced at the offi -
June 1988 Atari User 5
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