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<]" April 2012
2012 EPN 40th anniversary
46 Mark Hoersten, Keithley
remembers 1972
48 Dietmar Harting looks
back over 40 years
Special reports
18 Cables & Connectors
38 Smartgrid
Tech report
34 Cloud computing
Aimed at large scale digital signage,
TFT LCDs from Sharp are offered in
60,70 and 80inch diagonal formats.
They are optimised for e-signage
with high-brightness screens up to
2000cd/m² and up to 60,000 hours of
continuous operation.
Page 8
P AGE 38
P AGE 38
A new approach to capacitor coating
minimises flashover and negates
the need for conformal coating after
soldering. Syfer’s ProtectiCap is for
MLCCs for higher voltage power
supplies and smaller consumer mains
and DC/DC converters in particular.
Page 14
The first PCT touchscreen module in
the Brilliance series from TouchNetix
has been created for high EMC
environments, such as industrial
automation, mission-critical
navigation and medical systems as
well as for automotive use.
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Souriau, the world leader in multi-position circular
connectors for harsh operating environments, is
launching a new range of miniature connectors
developed from the MIL-DTL-38999: micro38999 .
This new range offers the best possible performance
- in the most compact models on the market. The
micro38999 allows size and weight savings of
50% compared to the smallest MIL-DTL38999
Series III units.
The micro38999 has been shown to be more compact
than other products currently available on the market,
while still offering better performance in the fi eld.
Souriau was able to meet this challenge head-on,
thanks to our knowledge of how materials behave
at their operating limits, our mastery of
manufacturing processes and our design choices
of the D38999 ranges.
micro38999: for applications requiring high
performance and miniaturized connectors for
extreme environments
The combination of these three skills made it
possible to recreate a miniaturized 38999, keeping
the same electrical, mechanical and environmental
performance as in the standard model. These new
ranges will strengthen Souriau’s position as a leader
in circular connection solutions.
For many years, the need for more compact, lighter
connection solutions, able to satisfy aeronautic,
military and industrial requirements, has been
growing. The rapid development of UAVs, sensors
and on-board electronics, plus the emergence of
composite materials, has driven the industry to
reduce the size and weight of all equipment,
including connectors.
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LD700D3LH1 –Sharp
Director of International
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[56] Power Perspective
Page Layout & Design
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[59] Distribution Spotlight
[14] ProtectiCap for MLCCs –Syfer
Martin Savery
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[08] Hannover Fair – be among the irst 200
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energy, research and technology event in Germany
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[18] Special report: Cables & Connectors
Antoine Duarte
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[38] Special report: Smartgrid
[50] Win one of four copies of High-Speed
Signalling: Jitter Modeling, Analysis and Budgeting
by Dan Oh and Chuck Yuan. The Rambus engineers
explain all.
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tech report
Ad Sizes and Digital File Requirements
available at:
[34] Companies are contributing to the cloud in
many and varied ways. This month’s report looks
at how processor manufacturers, service providers
and software developers are vying for cloud
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In next month’s issue there will be a Power
Management feature and a Home Networking
In the June issue of EPN, there will be an Industrial
Automation feature and a Switches & Relay
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[46] Executive Interview
Mark Hoersten tracks Keithley Instruments, from
Phantom Repeater to SourceMeter
[48] Executive Interview
Dietmar Harting, President Harting, remembers
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[04] Editorial Comment
EPN ISSUE N° 04 – April 2012 3
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Driven to distraction?
Sales people often say that their car is their office but ABI Research predicts that it could be the home
office and entertainment centre for us all in the near future. The analyst company predicts that 90% of
new cars will have Internet connected technology within five years.
By Caroline
Once reserved for luxury cars, connected technology is filtering down to other models. In many cars,
the Internet can be accessed to view video via an iPhone or to stream music; voice commands can be
used to make calls, to hear text messages. Voice recognition can be used for social media updates and
even to get directions. The worry is that this can prove a distraction to drivers, a worry that is intensified
if the drivers are inexperienced – a lot of the introductions are aimed at young drivers, under 31 who
want to be ‘always connected’. Consequently, many of the features cannot be used when the car is
Just as car makers are looking to add value and desirability, the electronics industry views the open
road as a new market. Intel is investing heavily in the so-called connected car model. Its financial arm
recently created a $100m Connected Car Investment Fund to invest in hardware, software and service
companies that focus on the automotive environment.
The fund aims “to accelerate seamless connection between a vehicle and consumer devices” -
principally smartphones. It is no coincidence that at this year’s Mobile World Congress, Intel showed
three smartphones for Europe using its processors.
It also opened an Automotive Innovation and Product Development centre in Karlsruhe, Germany
early in the year. Working with nearby technical universities, hardware and software companies it is
customised with instrumentation and equipment to develop and test a computing, in-car, infrastructure.
Projects will explore ways to use the Internet, sensors and context-aware technology to determine what
information to present and how best to present it to both drivers and passengers, whether that is with
touchscreens or even hand gestures to display information on the windowscreen.
The semiconductor company clearly places a great deal of importance on Europe. The new facility is part
of Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division with its Architecture Group and joins its network across Europe
of 27 research and development centres, staffed by over 1500 R&D professionals.
EPN has introduced a pdf download feature to its website.
Now, readers can download a smart PDF version of an article or story viewed online.
April 2012 – EPN ISSUE N° 04
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Unlike Imitations, Bergquist’s Gap Pad ® S-Class Stays Soft
While Providing Superior Thermal Performance.
Gap Pad S-Class stays soft. It doesn’t flake, tear or crumble for easy application.
Say good-bye to crumbling, oily gap fillers for good. Bergquist’s super-soft Gap Pad SClass thermally conductive gap filling
materials conform to demanding contours while maintaining structural integrity and applying little or no stress to fragile
components. In addition, S-Class’ natural inherent tack provides more stable release characteristics, making it cleaner
and easier to handle in the application assembly process. S-Class materials provide high thermal conductivity for
exceptionally low thermal resistance at ultra-low mounting pressures – our best thermal performance material yet.
Call +31 (0) 35 5380684 or visit www.bergquistcompany.com/ease
European Headquarters - The Netherlands. Tel: EU +31 (0) 35 5380684 . D +49-4101-803-230 . UK +44-1908-263663
Thermal Materials Thermal Substrates Fans and Blowers
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