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First time to use ROM AGPS software act on the following steps (1)~(7)
(Internet access during the procedure )
(1) Internet access
(2) Open the folder : ROM_AGPS_0801
Run Rom agps.exe
(4) Insert the GPS de vice into the USBport
(5) Select Com Port and Baudrate
858842654.048.png 858842654.052.png 858842654.053.png 858842654.054.png 858842654.001.png 858842654.002.png 858842654.003.png 858842654.004.png 858842654.005.png 858842654.006.png 858842654.007.png
How to get the correct Com Port ?
(5-1) Click the right button of the mouse on My Computer Select Management
(5-2) Click Device Manager see the right column and press (COM and LPT)
(5-3) COM port series number is shown after “Prolific USB-to-Serial Com
Port” , for this example: COM 5
858842654.008.png 858842654.009.png 858842654.010.png 858842654.011.png 858842654.012.png 858842654.013.png 858842654.014.png 858842654.015.png 858842654.016.png 858842654.017.png 858842654.018.png
(6) Set Com Port and Baudrate press Connect below image will be shown
(7) Press ROM AGPS immediately below image will be s hown as well as the
notice ”Set Ephemeris Successful” represent that download Eph.dat file
858842654.019.png 858842654.020.png 858842654.021.png 858842654.022.png 858842654.023.png 858842654.024.png 858842654.025.png 858842654.026.png 858842654.027.png 858842654.028.png 858842654.029.png 858842654.030.png 858842654.031.png 858842654.032.png 858842654.033.png 858842654.034.png
(8) Press Close to st op
(9)Che ck the fo lder ROM_AGPS_0801 a Eph.dat file appeared
This Eph.dat file is efficacious 7 d ays upd ate to renew the file is necessary when
overdue ( access internet when update Eph.dat )
(10) Run any of the GPS navigation software to navigate now
858842654.035.png 858842654.036.png 858842654.037.png 858842654.038.png 858842654.039.png 858842654.040.png 858842654.041.png 858842654.042.png 858842654.043.png 858842654.044.png 858842654.045.png
Continue to use ROM AGPS software act on the following steps ( with
or without In ternet )
Open the folder : ROM_AGPS_0801
(2) Run Rom agps.exe
858842654.046.png 858842654.047.png 858842654.049.png 858842654.050.png 858842654.051.png
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