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"This warnor womonknotus whento fight
lil<.e. alion . . . The cowage of her conttictions
isher shiel.d,her soulishr spear, md
her will is her cauldron."
Many women are searching for an image of the divine that reflects
who they want to be: strong, nurturing, and feminine. Many find
themselves drawn to Celtic spiritualiry, a tradition that honors all
aspects of the divine feminine.
Cehic Women's Spiritrnlity embraces the feminine archetypes of
the Celtic tradition so any woman can draw on the sacred aspects of
the warrior, mother, crone, virgin, sovereign and shapeshifter. This
wonderful resource will show you how to develop an empowering'
deeply meaningful connection with the divine that *'ill enrich your
spiritual life and beliefs.
\Uith this book of rituals, meditations, magickal techniques, ex'
ercises, and festivals, you can craft a complete practice built around
honoring the goddess in every woman. You may even choose to per-
form the rituals to dedicate yourself as a Celtic warrior woman or
become a Celtic pdestess.
Embrace the deepest mysteries of your spirit when you explore
the timeless wisdom of CekicWomen's Spiritu"ality.
About the Author
Edain Mccoy became a self-initiated witch in 1981, and has been an
active part of the Pagan community since her formal initiation into a
large San Antonio coven in 1983. she has been researching alterna.
tive spiritualities since her teens, when she *-a-. firsr Lnroduced to Ka-
ballah (Jewish mysticism). since then, she ha-. srudied a variety of
magickal paths, including Celric lVitchcratt. -{ppalachian folk mag-
ick, and Curanderismo, a Mexican-American tolk radition. Today
she is part of the wittan Irish Pagan rraditi.-n. Ln *-hich she is a priest-
ess of Brighid and an elder. An alumnus .-f rie University of rexas
with a B.A. in history she currentlr Fursues pan-time graduate and
undergraduate studies at Indiana Unir ersin as her schedule permits.
She is also active in several professirrnal *lrer! organizations, and oc-
casionally presents workshops on rna:rckai topics, or works individu.
ally with studenrs who wish ro srui.; \\'irchcraft. This former wood.
wind player for the Lynchburg r\-{) symphony claims both the
infamous feuding Mccoy familr ..f Kenrucky and sir Roger rvilliams,
the seventeenth-century relisl:r.rs lissenrer, as branches on her ethni-
cally diverse family tree.
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Second Printing, 1998
Book design by Rebecca Zins
Cover art by Moon Deer
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McCoy, Edain, 1957-
Celtic women's spirituality: acceicing the cauldron of life /
Edain McCoy.-1st ed.
p. cm-
Includes bibliographical reterences and index.
ISBN 1 -567 1 8-67 2.6 (pbk.l
1. Magic, Celtic. 2. Mmhology, Celdc. 3. Goddesses, Celtic.
4. Goddess religion. 5. V/omen-Religious life. I. Title.
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