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Walkthrough: Coffee For Keisha by Tlaero and phreaky
The game tracks three main stats: a basic score, a naughty score, and a nice score. The higher of your naughty and nice scores is added to your basic score. What this means is that you have to consistently pick one type of response and avoid the other (they're typically mutually exclusive).

Consequently there are three walkthroughs below, one for the nice ending, one for the naughty ending, and one for the Lindsey ending which requires you to keep your naught and nice scores equal.

Most of the points come from actions or dialogue choices, but unfortunately a handful depend on successfully completing the 'minigames'. There are a couple of minigames that I frankly found impossible. If you're having trouble with them, the best way around it is to files/edit _game.js.

To do this, first make a copy of _game.js and put it in a safe place. That way if you make a mistake you still have a copy of the original file.

Next, open _game.js in a text editor (I use Notepad++).
Scroll down until you see the line "var parkHard = 50;".
Change 50 to a lower number (eg. "var parkHard = 40;").
Repeat for "var videoHard = 54;" and "var finalHard = 60;".
Save the file.
Hopefully, when you next play the game on Hard difficulty, the final three checkpoints should compare your score to the lower numbers you've inserted.

The following walkthroughs assume that you're playing on hard difficulty and that time advances are disallowed.

Nice Ending

Coffee shop
Bring Keisha her coffee
I finished making your coffee, Miss. Here you go.
I didn't realize you knew my name.
Wait a minute. Are you saying you're here so much because of the ... scenery?
Check out Keisha's ass
Talk to Keeley
Can I get you anything?
Do you know what language Keisha was just speaking?
Yes, please do
Good advice. Thanks Keeley!
I'll get back to the counter then. Keeley, it was a pleasure to meet you.
Slow down a bit and listen to the answer
Get back to work
Fast forward to the next day

Hey ladies. Fancy meeting you here.
You're looking for guys? I thought Keeley was married.
Find any yet?
Do you mind if I join you two?
So, be nice or Keeley shoots me down?
Keeley, you look great tonight.
Please tell me that your husband appreciates you.
While I try not to imagine that, what should I do to assure the wingman?
Pull out your smartphone, log in to Facebook, and hand it over.
I promise
I understand, Keeley. You're good at this wingman thing.
Bye Keeley.
Does she really know a psychopath?
I guess I'll need to treat you well, then.
Actually, no. I overheard you and Keeley talking at the coffee shop.
So I didn't interrupt your girl's night out?
Well, you've met me. Now, what are you going to do with me?
I'd like that.
I thought you wanted to get to know me better.
When you answered the phone at the coffee shop, was that Chinese?
Only menu items...
How many languages do you speak?
That's seriously impressive. What do you do for a living?
What's a facilitator?
What kind of random things?
I hope no one ever tries to take advantage of you.
So if I demand to see your boobs, will you get me fired?
But they're really nice boobs.
Will you please show me your boobs?
Okay, I won't push. Let's go back to talking about your work.
Are the weird hours why you don't have a boyfriend?
So what are you looking for in a guy?
Yeah, besides that
I support equal rights for women.
I get it. Traditional society norms are that the man provides and the woman nurtures. You're untraditional.
So equally skilled, but at different things. I'm comfortable with that.
Well, this is one of those places where your attribute is better than mine and I definitely don't mind.
(Change the subject before you stick your foot in your mouth.) So, about your ringtone.
It wouldn't be a fair bet.
It was Sepultura's version of Orgasmatron.
Kiss her on the cheek
So you like rock music?
What would it take to get into that closet with you?
Musically or ... otherwise?
What if I told you that I'm the singer in a local rock band?
I'm the singer in a local rock band.
Ever hear of a band called Nostafaru?
What? We are? How?
Yeah. Are you?
"Whoa, that's cool. I wonder how he heard us. We haven't recorded yet."
Ever been to La Boca?
We're playing the night after tomorrow. I'll put your name on the list.
Doors open at 8, but we don't go on until a little after 9.
Will you come backstage afterwards?
Hey, it's fair. If we're going to treat each other as equals, then I have to be good at something.
Fast forward to the concert

Go backstage and find out
We had a good night. I was trying to impress you.
I guess this puts to rest any doubts of me being a rock singer.
You look great in that outfit, Keisha.
So, which song did you like the most?
"Night Groove." Good choice, I wrote that one.
Thanks, Lindsey, but I'm talking with Keisha here.
Lindsey, there's never been anything between us. You know that.
Lindsey, stop it.
Lindsey, I'm sorry, but no. I'm interested in Keisha.
Lindsey, please leave. It's Keisha I want to be with.
Watch her leave
(Smile) Thanks.
No pressure, Keisha. If something happens between us, it'll happen in its own time.
Whistle innocently
Truthfully? Yeah, after every show.
Lindsey is nice and all, but I really want someone with more going on upstairs.
Girl, you've got it going on all over!
An exclusive relationship? Sounds serious.
If I say "yes," then I can start introducing you as my girlfriend?
Then yes. No more groupies.
Just drinking, dancing, and loud music.
Take her hand and lead her into the club
Fast forward a few days

Text back, "Sweet. See you then."
Fast forward to 8:00
I have to admit, I'm having trouble focusing on your eyes...
Stare at her breasts
That's, "Scorching hot rocker chick who's not a slut..."
Well, you succeeded at that. You look awesome.
Sit down on the couch
<play the minigame as best you can>
That's Night Groove!
The audio quality sucks, but the video is great!
It's too bad the recording is so bad.
You're the one who's good.
That's been known to happen, yes.
Shake your head
Yes, definitely
Keisha climbs on
Finish kissing and slide your hands down to her hips
That top/bra combination is incredibly sexy. I've been wanting to touch it since I arrived.
Reach up and touch her breasts
Your breasts feel as great as they look.
Would you rather it rough?
Caress her face
Brush her lips with your thumb
Take off your shirt
You've already flashed me. There's not much difference if you take it off...
Watch her take off her shirt
You are one seriously attractive lady.
Unfasten her bra
And because you're attractive.
(Sigh) You're right.
So, is that as far as we go tonight?
Smile and kiss her
Match her intensity
Kiss her neck
Rub her pussy
Yeah, it's hard.
As a matter of fact, yes. This anticipation thing works.
I thought you said...
Raise your hips so she can pull your pants down
Are you gonna suck it?
Keisha wraps her hand around your cock
<play the minigames as best you can>

Hey Keisha. I've got tomorrow off. Wanna do something?
It's supposed to be nice out. How about the beach?
Well ... um ... yes.
I already saw you in your underwear. That's practically the same as a bikini.
(Swallow) Must be hot.
You're trying to make me hard at work, aren't you?
It's working
As long as I get to see that radiant smile, I'm good with wherever you want to go.
Okay, the park it is.
Woah, nice dress!
Spin around so I can see the whole thing.
You caught me. And, wow, that dress shows off your ... assets ... really well.
Kiss her
Reach down and squeeze her ass
Lead on
Really? That would be awesome!
As I see it, he's responsible for two nights ago. He's definitely getting a copy.
So, you speak a million languages. Would you teach me a few things?
Basic things to get by. Yes, no, please, thank you. That kind of stuff.
Si. No.
You promise not to get mad if I tell you?
Okay, I'm hoping to try? anal sex
You've never tried it?
A few times, yes
It was uncomfortable at the start, but then she really got into it.
I'll keep working on building that trust?
Terrified, actually
Okay, anal sex is off the table
Okay, point taken
So, what's the wildest sexual thing you've done?
I'm sorry. Would talking about it help, or make it worse?
The Keeley I know?
But she stole your boyfriend?
What did you do?
<the sex scene is linear, so I'm not going to describe it; however you will need to complete more minigames to get max points>
I wouldn't ask. There's no way I'm sharing you with another guy.
For what?
Well, I'm seeing it my way, but you're welcome. What happened with Keeley and Joey?
I don't think one MMF makes you a slut...
So she made the right decision in the end
What about Randal and Ken? Was it awkward the next time you saw them?
Okay, I've got to ask...
Not really?
Ever get into moaning competitions with Keeley to see who was having the better time?

It's a little Spartan, but homey. I'd love to have you over.
If you're buying dinner, I should get the movie.
What would you like to see?
Got it. I'll pick something up after my shift.
Go to the video store
Go find Sean
Thanks Sean. I was trying to impress a girl.
Well, she's coming over to my place tonight.
No. Romantic comedy. Heavy on the romance with a happy e...
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