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  1. I (bear) in 1989.
  2. We (often help) by our friends. 
  3. The neighbors (never invite) me for dinner .
  4. Her phone (recharge) every day. 
  5. The baby (weigh) by the nurse.
  6. It (weigh) nine pounds. 
  7. They (never invite)  for dinner before.
  8. The island (struck) by a hurricane with winds over 90 m.p.h. in October.
  9. A lot of damage (do) then.  
  10. Jack hopes (choose)  by Martha as a dancing partner .

11. In case of problems proper apology (expect) as soon as possible.

  1. Paul wants to forgive Thomas.
  2. Thomas must take Paul to a doctor.
  3. Policemen have to remove the damaged car.
  4. Tom should wear his glasses for reading.

16. A lot of new cinemas  (BUILD) in Paris now.

17. The window (LOCK) when we arrived.

18. I'm sure our home (NOT WATCH) at the moment, it looks so poor anyway.

19. The kids already (UNDRESS) to sleep.

20. My skirt   (TAKE IN)  while I (repair) the window.

21. Latin (advice STUDY) by all humanities students I think.

22. The secretary (COPY) the company documents now.

23. The boat (UNLOAD) soon.

24. My grandma  (SEND) cards from her friends.

25. The cause of the accident    (INVESTIGATE) for six weeks.

26. Lunch (SERVE) in a minute? Because I  am hungry.

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