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[7][27]Previously on Grimm...
[53][65]What have you done?
[66][89]I don't have any powers.
[100][119]You've taken everything.
[119][130]Farley Kolt.
[131][164]- Put the coins on the bed.|- No.
[192][215]You'll never find them again.
[254][274]What the hell?
[479][518] - nowa jakoœæ napisów.|Napisy zosta³y specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.
[519][533]He's not himself.
[533][548]He's been acting weird.
[548][598]I'm just, you know, worried|about him as to what he saw.
[598][612]Has he said anything?
[612][637]No, but I can tell|there's something not right.
[638][678]Hank's got to be shook up|about this in some way.
[679][711]You know, I mean whether|he's talking about it or not,
[712][745]when I saw him looking up at me,|he was freaked.
[777][805]And it's a look I've seen|before, let me tell you.
[805][820]I'm sure you're hoping|it will just go away,
[820][832]and he won't say anything,|but look.
[833][860]This is not, like,|your ordinary nightmare, okay?
[860][883]He knows he was awake.
[884][906]And his brain is trying|to process the unprocessable.
[907][943]I mean, what did you think when|you first saw one woge?
[970][999]- I thought I was going crazy.|- Right, well...
[999][1020]Hank's probably going through|the same thing, you know?
[1020][1050]You know, with you,|it was one thing.
[1050][1071]He was hit.|He was knocked out.
[1071][1096]He was a little dazed.
[1097][1128]But I mean,|he saw Brinkerhoff change.
[1164][1199]That is so not going|to make it any easier.
[1199][1222]Trust me, mental hospitals|are chock-full of people
[1222][1241]who have spent their lives|trying to wrap their minds
[1241][1262]around things they've seen|and can't explain.
[1276][1287]But hey, look, with Hank,
[1287][1297]maybe it'll be different,|you know?
[1297][1309]He's a cop.
[1310][1324]He's already seen|a bunch of crazy stuff.
[1325][1384]With any luck, it'll wear off|in a couple, three years.
[1716][1735]I found your friend.
[1751][1791]It's time for you to get|on a plane to Portland.
[1872][1888]You don't look like|you slept too well.
[1889][1906]I didn't.
[1906][1918]What's going on?
[1918][1946]The usual suspects,|tossing and turning.
[1946][1966]Must have been something I ate.
[1966][1984]What did you get from Interpol?
[1984][2008]File on Akira Kimura.
[2009][2025]Ah, yeah.
[2025][2051]One of the guys responsible|for killing your parents.
[2051][2069]It's a great way|to start your day.
[2069][2099]And get this, they tied him|to the beating death
[2099][2112]of a coin collector in hamburg.
[2113][2133]Turns out the victim|was the dealer who sold
[2133][2157]the three gold coins|to Sam Bertram here in Portland.
[2157][2185]I'm not sad|those coins disappeared.
[2185][2212]You know,|that's a nasty-looking guy.
[2212][2228]The hell is that thing|on his face?
[2228][2250]It's called the Aegishjalmur.
[2250][2262]And it means what?
[2262][2275]Helm of awe.
[2275][2310]It's a symbol the vikings wore|for invincibility.
[2310][2322]You know what?
[2322][2353]I'm going to trust|my flak jacket.
[2353][2379]We got our last known|whereabouts on Mr. invincible?
[2379][2407]Lisbon. 14 months ago.
[2484][2508]Welcome to|the Portland governor, sir.
[2573][2585]Where's Marquesa?
[2585][2618]I found a lot more than him.
[2688][2764]<font color="#ec14bd">Sync & corrections by honeybunny</font>|<font color="#ec14bd"></font>
[2997][3029]I've got something|very special for you.
[3042][3057]Why don't you come out|and see your new home?
[3057][3109]That's a good girl.
[3122][3141]Marquesa was tied|to a jewelry store robbery
[3142][3160]here in Portland|2 1/2 months ago.
[3160][3210]The owner, Sam Bertram, was|killed during the robbery.
[3211][3244]Now after that, Marquesa|killed a police officer,
[3244][3266]gained access to the precinct|using his uniform
[3267][3295]in an attempt to get|at a police captain.
[3296][3322]That's where I became intrigued.
[3323][3341]I couldn't figure out|why Marquesa
[3341][3351]went after a police captain
[3351][3379]after he pulled off a heist.
[3380][3417]So I did a little more digging|on your behalf.
[3417][3443]And that's when I found out...
[3444][3481]There were|three gold coins discovered
[3481][3497]in that jeweler's stomach|the night he was killed.
[3497][3531]Now I got all this|from the coroner's report.
[3531][3566]How did you get this report?
[3567][3600]'Cause ex New York City cops|generally get what they want,
[3600][3646]which brings me|to my next subject.
[3646][3666]These are the two detectives|that handled the case
[3666][3688]and killed Marquesa.
[3688][3735]This is captain Renard,|the guy Marquesa went after.
[3736][3748]This guy?
[3748][3759]I don't know how he figures|into everything.
[3760][3785]He's a local guy.|Repairs clocks.
[3785][3814]I believe|he's a police informant.
[3815][3826]And I think one of these men
[3826][3863]either has the coins|or knows where they are.
[3864][3895]Our deal was for me|to find Marquesa.
[3895][3909]Well, I did that.
[3909][3936]These coins, however, present
[3937][3951]a whole new|business opportunity.
[3952][3995]So you want to be my partner?
[3996][4040]This is the guy|Marquesa went after.
[4040][4065]That's him coming out|of his condo.
[4066][4093]I got names and addresses|on all of them.
[4094][4148]You need me.
[4149][4166]Not anymore.
[4507][4533]So, Mr. Adams,
[4533][4559]you must have found something|that wasn't good for you.
[4618][4637]Hi, Juliette.|I'm glad you remember me.
[4637][4655]Of course I remember you.
[4655][4676]Well, I just wasn't sure|if I should come by
[4677][4698]since things didn't work out|with Hank, you know.
[4698][4714]Oh, stop.
[4714][4734]I don't take my patients based|on their owners' social lives.
[4734][4745]I'm glad you came in,
[4745][4758]and I'm glad you brought|your cat.
[4758][4791]Well, I am relieved to hear|that because Majique
[4791][4811]- seems to be pretty sick.|- Oh, no.
[4812][4835]What seems to be the problem|with miss Majique?
[4835][4852]She's just not herself.
[4852][4876]She's sluggish.|She won't eat.
[4877][4901]I'm pretty worried.
[4901][4917]Do you think it's serious?
[4918][4934]Well, I hope not, but I'm|probably going to want
[4934][4956]to keep her overnight|to run some tests.
[4956][4974]Shh, shh, shh, shh.
[4974][4998]Oh, you seem to have the touch.
[5018][5036]I'm so sorry.|Are you okay?
[5036][5053]Yeah,|it's an occupational hazard.
[5053][5066]I'm sure she didn't mean it.
[5066][5095]She's a good kitty,|aren't you, Majique?
[5188][5198]Where's the body?
[5198][5212]First floor, room at the back.
[5212][5234]- It's a little messy.|- Well, what do you we know?
[5234][5253]Uh, male, mid-40s.
[5253][5272]Looks like somebody took|a weed wacker to this throat.
[5272][5296]Checked in three weeks ago|under the name Nathaniel Adams.
[5296][5310]Clerk says he kept to himself,
[5311][5350]paid his rent, listed his home|as New York City.
[5350][5367]There was no sign|of forced entry.
[5367][5385]Maid discovered the body|about an hour ago.
[5385][5404]You weren't kidding|about the weed wacker.
[5405][5415]Looks more like a hatchet.
[5416][5430]Except his head's still here.
[5431][5446]- Who rolled the body?|- Nobody.
[5446][5463]That's the way the maid|said she found him.
[5463][5477]Well, this body's been rolled.
[5477][5495]The pattern on the carpet|matches the blood on his shirt.
[5495][5507]That could have been|the killer.
[5508][5529]There's no wallet,|nothing in his pockets.
[5530][5547]Maybe a robbery.
[5547][5564]There's nothing in the room|except for a coat...
[5564][5574]Got it.
[5574][5591]Hanging behind|the bathroom door.
[5632][5659]There's a key here.|Looks like a rental.
[5727][5756]There we go.
[5757][5785]Hey, we got some equipment|back here.
[5786][5813]Cameras, lenses, monopod.
[5814][5835]Let's see|what he was taking pictures of.
[6035][6054]Download's done.
[6055][6070]Let's see|what this guy was shooting.
[6070][6100]I hope it's not|something too gross.
[6118][6141]- What the hell?|- Why's this guy watching us?
[6142][6167]I don't know.|Better find out.
[6167][6179]All right,|we better tell the captain.
[6179][6205]I'll call him.
[6206][6228]Might be a good idea to|put some uniforms at our houses.
[6229][6258]Got it.|I'll send one to the captain's.
[6869][6905]Oh, no.|Patty.
[7012][7029]Where are the coins?
[7088][7143]Where are the coins?
[7143][7165]Where are the coins?
[7193][7234]Where are they?
[7280][7295]Who are you?
[7322][7339]I'm the one|who asks the questions.
[7340][7364]Where are the coins?
[7365][7394]I don't have them.
[7412][7426]They were taken from me.
[7426][7467]Give me his name.
[7468][7510]Farley Kolt.
[7510][7529]Kolt does not have them.
[7529][7558]I found him in Los Angeles.
[7558][7590]I wasted three days finding out|he didn't have them.
[7590][7615]I don't plan to waste|that much time with you.
[7635][7666]Look, I told you,|I don't have the coins.
[7772][7807]Where are the coins?
[7949][7982]Captain?|Sergeant Wu.
[7983][8035]Detective Griffin wanted me|to come over and check on you.
[8112][8153]If you can hear me,|please open the door.
[8175][8189]Listen, I'm not sure he's home.
[8190][8205]I'm going to get the key|from the super.
[8205][8227]Stay here.
[8517][8539]Hey.|You locate the captain?
[8539][8563]No. Not yet.|Knocked on his door, no answer.
[8563][8586]Checked his car.|It was in his parking space...
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